Software Test Reports for Startups

My test reports have deviated a lot since the early days of testing. Nowadays, first and foremost I provide an opinion of the software. I make sure I highlight both positives and negatives that I see in the product.

Naturally, I provide a list of bugs I find, but I also provide a list of suggestions on the software, for example new features or ways to improve the Usability. I find when testing, new ideas often come to me about features. I'm happy to provide them with a list. They can take it or leave it.

Finally, I list some recommendations on testing for the next release.

Why all the effort? I do this because my clients love it!  I provide more than just a list of bugs. I see it as adding more value.

Here's the template pdf version:: Software Test Report Template

I wonder though, is this still testing, or  have I morphed into a new area of work?